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Foggy Street Scene near the River

Vehicles in simulated fog

I like the look of this scene, which to me looks like a couple of vehicles driving through an early morning fog. In actuality, the fog was created by a happy accident. The Lionel Holiday Display at the NY Transit Museum was surrounded by tall Plexiglas panels. I tried shooting this using natural light, but there were too many ugly shadows.

I decided to try using flash, although I knew that clear plastic usually causes bad reflections. Surprisingly, the flash reflection was mild. There is a definite reflection, but not the blinding whiteout you usually see with glass or plastic.

I think it resembles fog, and I envision this is a scene of people heading out on the job at dawn in the big city. The working street light adds to the realism as well. If only the truck and taxicab had working lights.

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