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Hey buddy, can you spare Bus Fare?

Model bus at the NY Transit Museum Holiday Train Layout

Another lightly foggy shot through the plastic side panels of the Lionel Exhibit.

This is one of the most realistic photos i cam away with from the NY Transit Museum’s Holiday Display. I used a Minolta f/1.7 lens on my Sony Alpha dSLR, and shot wide open. The big aperture through everything except the very front of the bus out of focus due to the extremely shallow depth of field.

Rather than detracting from the image, the narrow depth of field adds to the appearance of fog, as the scale figures seem to be enveloped in mist. The windshield wipers on the bus are pointing upward, further suggesting rain or fog.

I may try working with this image further, if i have the time. Converting it to black and white might might strengthen the realism, but I hate to loose the deep red in the background.

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