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Working Model Train inside a Model train Layout

Willards Hobby Shop Lionel Diorama

This is probably my favorite part of the exhibit. The Willard’s Hobbies structure is only a few inches high, but it contains a working model train inside the front display window. it is hard to tell scale from this photo, but the larger figure in front of the door is probably about 1 inch high.

The diesel locomotive, dressed in the popular Santa Fe colors, is only about 5/8″ long. It pulls a string of silver passenger cars, roughly corresponding to the famous Lionel Santa Fe Passenger set. The model runs around in a circle, passing through two tunnels as it weaves its way through the layout.

Two scale children watch from outside the window, entranced by the site of a model train inside the hobby shop.

So what we have here is a scale model of a Lionel diesel passenger train, which is in itself a model of the real thing.

I so want to build something like this.

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